I offer you illusion shows in two options, namely, parlour magic (for larger audiences at the same time) and close-up magic performed with the direct participation of the guests (for smaller groups). The type of performance is chosen together with the client and tailored to the nature and size of a given event. A performance can entail both stage illusion and close-up magic. In the latter case, the illusionist performs tricks that engage all the guests at one time first, which is followed after a short break by close-up illusion.


The programme entails performances prepared with larger audiences in mind. During the show, the illusionist presents both impressive optical tricks and psychological illusion.

My illusion shows are based on an ongoing interaction with the spectator. Everyone takes part in the show and has contact with magic.

The show usually involves disappearance and reappearance of objects, a levitating table, fire magic, numerous mental predictions and reading the spectators’ minds.

Duration: 30 – 60 minutes


Micro-illusion is magic at your fingertips. The show takes place immediately by the side of the spectator, who can touch and check every magical item. Usually, close-up magic entails the strongest emotions, while all tricks are tailored and adjusted to a given guest.

My performances are a combination of elements of psychological, agility and manipulation illusion. The entire show takes place within the spectator’s reach. The illusionist reads minds and performs numerous tricks using playing cards and everyday objects such as coins, banknotes, mobile phones, bottle caps, ballpoint pens or scarfs.

I heartily recommend that you see the photo gallery showing illusion shows and reactions of the audience.

During the show, I can work at one location or move among the guests as part of a mix and mingle act.

The show might take from 20 minutes up to several hours, depending on the nature of a given event.

Prices start at PLN 800 and depend on the location, the number of guests, the day of the week and the specific hour of the day.

Feel free to contact us for more details and to book a date.