Do you want the corporate event you organise to be truly extraordinary? Do you want it to be interesting, original and to make sure that everyone is having a good time? Are you looking for classy high-level entertainment? If you are, choose the illusion show to make your corporate socialising event more attractive!

The interactive form of my performance allows me to ensure that all guests enjoy themselves to the fullest, as the entire show is exciting and intriguing. The magical performance can take the form of both close-up tricks performed at guests’ tables and a general performance, where all guests admire the illusionist’s stage acts. All these options involve magic tricks performed very close to the audience who take active part in the show. The entire spectacle may also comprise both these options. The first part of the show consists in the illusionist performing on stage. This is followed by close-up magic performed for each of the guests individually by their tables.

The stage performance is a highly impressive spectacle that involves illusions such as disappearance and reappearance of everyday objects, fire magic, reading guests’ minds, water illusions, a levitating table occurrence of snow.

I will take you to a fantasyland where objects magically levitate in the air and items borrowed from spectators change their location to eventually appear in the least expected places. Magic at its finest, which not only does surprise but is also hilarious and enjoyable.

Creating a magical ambiance is my specialty – the illusion I do is visually spectacular and, most importantly, engaging for the viewer who experiences the artistic act. A corporate event ought to take the form of a socialising entertainment, and an illusionist’s performance is an excellent way to spend time together in an informal mood.

Close-up magic at the table is the most engaging kind of magic for the guests. During his act, the illusionist performs numerous tricks using daily use items, such as coins, banknotes, ballpoint pens, glasses, bottle caps, scarfs and playing cards. One of his various skills is the ability to read minds, which is astounding for the spectators and leaves them in awe at all times. It is magic at your fingertips, with most of impressive illusions taking place in the spectators’ hands and everything can be checked by each of the guests.

I heartily recommend that you watch a short video on the illusions I perform and see photos that show the key element of my performances, which is the spectators’ reactions.

The duration of the show is tailored to the character of a given event. The performance might take from 20 minutes up to several hours.

Prices start at PLN 2000 and depend on the location, the number of guests, the day of the week and the specific hour of the day.

We welcome all those interested in the magical show to contact us. We will gladly answer any questions regarding details of the show, prices and available dates.