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If you are looking for a magician for a children’s party you are organizing or for your child’s birthday party, this offer is the right one for you.

During his performance, the illusionist gives the children an unforgettable spectacle flavored with lots of humour. Fun is the key element here, and that is why the entire show is presented in a friendly atmosphere to fully engage the youngest spectators.

Children take active part in the show and, depending on how big the event is, some of the magic tricks take place in their hands. This ensures an exciting spectacle abound in surprises and lots of positive energy throughout the show.

The magic show also involves illusions such as disappearance and reappearance of objects, water illusions, a levitating table and magic tricks using everyday objects like scarfs, cutlery, banknotes, jewellery, newspapers, fruit and many others. The choice of illusion tricks included in the programme depends on the location where the show is to be held and technical capabilities.

Prices start at PLN 500 and depend on the location, the number of children, the day of the week and the specific hour of the day. The performance duration is 45 minutes.

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Marcin Gogołowicz