Do you want your wedding party to be a one-of-a-kind magical experience? An illusionist is a proven means of ensuring that the ceremony is a unique event. The magician invited to the wedding party gives you the guarantee that it stays in your guests’ memory for a long time.

A wedding is one of the most important moments in every person’s life. For this very reason, more and more couples seek methods for making their weeding parties an unforgettable experience.

The ideal wedding party should be original, sweeping your guests off their feet. Still, it should also be exciting and make an unforgettable impression on the guests. A wedding party will surely be attractive and one-of-a-kind owing to an illusionist. A magician’s performance is a specific type of entertainment that makes this special day abound in extra experiences.

The magic show I offer you can take the form of both close-up magic performed at the guests’ tables and stage magic, where all the guests are seated facing the illusionist. In both these options, the presented magic allows the guests to participate actively in the spectacle, since magic tricks are performed as mix and mingle acts.

Stage show is a highly impressive spectacle that entails illusions such as disappearance and reappearance of objects, fire magic, reading guests’ minds, water illusions and the occurrence of snow.

I will take you on a journey to a fairy-tale realm where the impossible is possible. A world abounding in spectacular magical effects and surprising dramatic twists, where the laws of physics no longer apply. Objects magically levitate in the air and items borrowed from spectators change their location to eventually appear in the least expected places. Magic at its finest, which not only does surprise but is also funny and enjoyable.

Magic performed at the tables is magic at your fingertips. An entertainment that makes every spectator an active direct participant. The vast majority of impressive illusions take place in your hands, and everything can be checked by any of the spectators.

During his act, the illusionists performs numerous tricks using everyday objects, such as coins, banknotes, ballpoint pens, glasses, bottle caps, scarfs and playing cards. One of his many skills is the ability to read minds, which is astounding for the spectators and leaves them in awe at all times.

The very special day of your wedding party requires that everything is perfect. The illusionist’s task is to ensure that all guests enjoy themselves and that the party itself is magical. For this very reason, choosing this sort of entertainment should not be left to chance.
Before the show, I can meet with you to present the programme I will perform at your wedding party. This way you have the guarantee that my spectacle is just what you expect.

I heartily recommend that you watch a short video on my spectacle and see photos that show the audience’s reactions.

Prices start at PLN 1500 and depend on the location, the number of guests, the day of the week and the specific hour of the day.

If interested in the offer or seeking any further information, please feel free to contact me.